Year 3 – Bellbrae Primary School

In Year Three we aim to develop student’s confidence and ability to be critical thinkers. We promote inclusion and diversity for all and strongly emphasise the importance of our four school values; Respect, Resilience, Aspire and Responsibility. This equips students with the tools they require to be successful in all aspects of their learning for Grade Three and beyond.

We align our literacy program with the Science of Reading program. This program encompasses a variety of different approaches which include: Multisensory Structured Language (MSL) and Sounds-Write. The Science of Reading approach to literacy is an evidence-based approach, specifically designed to help develop robust vocabulary through the exploration of texts and investigating the etymology and morphology of words.

Our approach to spelling focuses on the explicit instruction of phonics. We learn how to become linguistic enquirers and unpack words using phonological (sound patterns), orthographical (spelling systems) and morphological (structural) lenses. This not only builds strong understanding and application of spelling patterns, rules and origins but also expands and enrichens vocabulary.

In year 3 we aim to create enthusiastic and confident writers, by focussing on four key areas.

  1. Spelling & Handwriting
  2. Text generation
  3. Executive functioning (organising ideas, planning & revising)
  4. Working memory

In Maths we explore three different curriculum strands:

  1. Number and Algebra
  2. Measurement and Geometry
  3. Statistics and Probability

Our lessons are engaging and are aimed at exploring and investigating different mathematical concepts, applying problem-solving strategies and the use of concrete materials, to share and explain our thinking processes. We utilise online learning programs such as, Mathletics and Essential Assessment. Using these programs allows teachers to enhance student learning and identify points of need for our students. Lessons are designed to be as relatable to real life situations as possible, with an aim to equip them with real life mathematical skills.

In Year Three students get to experience a variety of extra-curricular activities including:

  • Grade 3 Camp – Camp Wyuna, Queenscliff. 2 night stay.
  • Cross country
  • Swimming Carnival
  • Athletics Carnival