Visual Arts is celebrated at Bellbrae Primary School. We run an outstanding Visual Arts program by providing a positive, inspirational and unique space for students to create and learn. Our Visual Arts program is alive with lessons that promote student lead discussion, experimental processes and an attitude that everyone achieves.

Foundation through to Grade Six students engage in a journey of discovery, problem solving and experimental designs that develop their art skills and knowledge. Students are encouraged to express themselves creatively, experiment with a variety of art supplies and engage in an array of art processes. There are fantastic opportunities for all students to be a part of, including local and international competitions, art focussed incursions and excursions, exhibitions and lunchtime art clubs. Activities in Art include drawing, painting, printmaking, textiles, ceramics, digital art, construction and sculpture all while exploring the Art Elements and Principles.

At Bellbrae Primary we have a fantastic purpose-built art room that is stocked with materials and tools to give every student an opportunity to express themselves creatively. We are lucky enough to have an Outdoor Classroom on Wadawurrung land, which is a fantastic open learning space that that we make great use of and enjoy our beautiful landscape, garden and chickens surrounding us while we learn and create.