School Improvement Works


Currently at Bellbrae we are in the process of a very exciting time of school improvement construction. These new building works will enable teachers to supply the very best opportunities to students by harnessing new building and facilites to aid in their everyday learning.


Incoropating our rich school history is important, so we are pleased to emalgamate our historical buildings with the new capital works planned.

Construction over 2021 will aim to supply the Bellbrae Community with more than 6 new classrooms (including dedicated Art, Music & STEM room) and a competition basketball court plus much more.


See below for some of our progressive photos and plans.






Start of works on the PAPE building (Performing Arts and Physical Education)


Trenching and Boring Piers Pour Bored Piers
Service Conduits Earthworks and services conduits
Slab preparation – approx. 25% complete Slab preparation

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