Bellbrae Primary School offers a number of specialist subjects to students to expose them to a range of learning as well as exploring their different learning styles.

In these sessions we aim to focus students in different subject areas and not only allow students interests to flourish but harness their creativity and thinking.




Bellbrae offers multiple specialist subject areas to our students, they are -


Visual Arts - Weekly sessions explore Art and the different concepts associated with producing artwork and students creativity and expression.


Performing Arts - Weekly sessions undertake activities to develop skills in Music, Dance Drama and Performance.

Students build habits of mind that are essential to living well and weathering the adversities of life. Students learn new concepts and skills and apply them to activities including plays, music performance and school

productions. Performing Arts at Bellbrae aims to hone our creativity and intelligence, foster compassion, and bring a higher understanding of humanity to our awareness. To perform is too think critically, problem solve and be a good listener.




Indonesian - Indonesian explores the culture of our neighbours including beliefs, traditions and language used in the region.







Physical Education -





Physical Education is also undertaken weekly by classroom teachers to inrtroduce skills and practice for upcoming events (e.g. Cross Country) and educate in different sports and techmnioques used to help performance and skill.







See below for the Graduation dance video project from Performing Arts 2020





For any more information regarding our specialist subjects pleasze contact the school via the Contact Us tab above.

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