At Bellbrae we believe that Literacy gives our children skills for lifelong learning in the 21st century.



As as a school, we believe that we play an important part in authentic partnerships with our students, families and our community. We aim to enhance these partnerships in a variety of ways across all year levels.


In everyday life, we believe that:


  • students learn by talking and sharing their ideas and wonderings.
  • students process a large amount of written language in their world.
  • the ability to read and comprehend text is expanded through talking and writing.
  • learning deepens when students engage in reading, talking and writing about a variety of texts.


With this in mind, we aim to foster an atmosphere where students of all abilities are given the opportunity to develop skills of reading, viewing, writing, speaking and listening in a positive and language enriched environment. This involves creating and interacting with print and non-print, including technological communication in a contemporary learning setting.


We engage students through explicit and expert teaching by understanding that each student is different, will learn at different rates and will have different interests. By scaffolding student learning we provide support, as well as challenges, to create critical and reflective thinkers.


The Victorian Curriculum states that through the study of English, we aim to ‘create confident communicators, imaginative thinkers and informed citizens.’ This will enable them to ‘learn to analyse, understand, communicate and build relationships with others and with the world around them.’ It also supports them to ‘become ethical, thoughtful, informed and active members of society’ and equips them for the future.


We focus on the literacy development of each child by using multiple sources of assessment and data. The Victorian Curriculum is used as the basis for our planning and teaching, and the benchmarks are used for our grading of student achievement. As well as the curriculum, our teachers monitor student growth in reading using early years language assessment, running records, questioning for comprehension, ARCOTS comprehension testing (Melbourne University) as well as other forms of evidence of learning. Writing is assessed using curriculum benchmarks and compared with samples across all year levels. We also assess writing using a continuum to target student learning at their level and plan for future learning by focusing on specific needs. 

Working in teams, our Literacy teachers use the Victorian Curriculum and latest research as a basis for our teaching, as well as using a variety of evidence to provide continuous feedback to students.


Through standardised testing and classroom observations, we embrace students’ knowledge, strengths and challenges to develop an informed appreciation of literature. We also aim to equip students with skills to succeed in a world of literacy.










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