School News 5/08

Athletics Carnival – A big thank you to Mrs Mooney and our wonderful staff for organising and safely running our Annual Athletics Carnival, whilst carefully navigatin........

Athletics Carnival – A big thank you to Mrs Mooney and our wonderful staff for organising and safely running our Annual Athletics Carnival, whilst carefully navigating all the Covid restrictions that currently confront us. This has required a lot of organisation and coordination on a number of fronts, and is a reflection of the commitment of our staff to continually offer our students diverse opportunities. Also, thank you to parents who turned up to show their support for all participants.  

Staffing – Welcome to Emily Leggett who has joined us for the remainder of the year and will be teaching Grade 3C. We also want to extend our thanks and best wishes to Emma De Landre, who has done a fantastic job over the last six months, and is now taking up a role at the International School in UAE. We all will miss her enthusiasm, bubbly personality, and commitment to our school. We also wish Kelly Buckley all the best for her upcoming Family Leave, and she will be replaced by another familiar face, Kristine Scott, who we warmly welcome back as our Indonesian teacher. 

Communication – Please remember to regularly check your ‘Compass App’ for alerts, as this is our main platform for communication with parents. Recently there have unfortunately been a number of occasions where students have been compromised due to parents not responding to permission requests, or missing important information about events and activities. I n the present context of operational guidelines regularly changing, it is especially important that you remain abreast of school related updates and activities. 

Impact of Remote Learning – At our most recent Principal briefing, we were encouraged to look at the many positives that have come out of remote learning, instead of being critical and focussing on negative aspects. Prof Hattie stressed that it had been an ideal opportunity to ‘declutter’ the curriculum and focus more on the core areas of Numeracy and Literacy. He also illuminated the positive impact it had on aspects such as resilience, building independent learning skills, improving critical and creative thinking (for both teachers and students), and that it generated a higher degree of problem solving and analytical skills in learners. He did however stress the importance of focussing on student wellbeing as we face disruptions to our regular learning program. 

Incursions and excursions – As we have to abide by operational guidelines and Covid-safe practices, we have had to make a few changes to some planned activities. As such our Book Fare and visits from authors has been slightly modified, our Puberty Education Program is continuing as planned, the Open Day and Parent Helper’s Course has been postponed, and we are hoping that the Camps planned for this term will go ahead as scheduled. At this stage no inter-school sport can occur, but we are hoping these restrictions will lift before the Victorian Inter School Snow Sports later this month, which will feature a number of Bellbrae students. 

Besides the plethora of sport recently available on television, including being able to watch the Aussies clean up at the Olympics, I trust that all of you have been able to get outdoors and do a bit of exercise. The days are slowly getting longer and the restrictions are easing, so let’s make the most of it and stay fit and healthy over the colder months! 

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