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Principal Newsletter  

Welcome back to the beginning of another exciting term at Bellbrae. As most of you would have noticed, there has been a lot of activity on the construction site, and the second phase of the project is about to begin. This phase includes the new....

Welcome back to the beginning of another exciting term at Bellbrae. As most of you would have noticed, there has been a lot of activity on the construction site, and the second phase of the project is about to begin. This phase includes the new gymnasium and Performing Arts Centre, which will also have ablutions and a canteen/kitchen. The old school structure will be renovated and serve as an entrance foyer to the building. The Grade Five and Six students are very excited to have moved into their new classrooms, and parents are invited to come and view the new learning spaces when we host an ‘open afternoon’ on Tuesday 3 August. We are also fortunate to have reclaimed almost the entire oval as a play space, but the mud and new carpet combination has certainly served up a challenge! Students are welcome to bring slippers or ‘Uggies’ to wear into their classrooms, as we are requesting that they remove their shoes at the entrances while it is still wet and muddy outside. 

Student Learning – At our first Leadership Meeting of the term, we discussed ways to improve our ongoing on Numeracy teaching and learning across the school, analysed The Student Attitudes to School Survey, explored more ways to include ‘student voice’ in teaching and learning, reflected on feedback from DET on the school’s first semester performance, revisited our approach to intervention and support, and covered a number of operational issues. Some of these areas will be explored in more depth at a School Council level. 

Parking – The construction activity has impacted significantly on parking and traffic flow around the school. Teachers are going to have access to the very back of the school for parking (where the construction site offices were), and parents will need to use the limited spaces on School Road. Please try and use parking areas up near the reserve and encourage your kids to walk down/up and use the supervised crossings if they are on the other side of the road. 

Open Day – On the afternoon of 3 August we are holding an ‘open day’ for parents (and prospective parents) to visit the Foundation Classrooms and the new building where the senior students are housed. Please feel free to come for a visit between 3.30 and 5.30pm on the day. 

Parent Teacher Interviews – next week we will be holding parent teacher interviews to discuss student progress and any matters relating to the Semester One Report. As these are of short duration, please make an appointment for a longer discussion if you have a concern that might require deeper dialogue.  

Parent Helpers – The current DET Operations Guide allows for parents to assist in the classroom. As a result, Mr Heard and Ms Baeck will be holding induction sessions for any parents who would like to take up this opportunity. These sessions will be held on Tuesday 20 July at 9.30am and will be repeated on Monday 6 September at 4pm. (In order to become a ‘classroom helper,’ you will need to have completed the induction training.) 

Sibling Enrolments – Just another reminder that if you have any children who will be attending Bellbrae next year, to please submit your enrolment form. Additionally, if you are aware of any other families interested in enrolling at Bellbrae, please ask them to contact the school as soon as possible. 

Assembly – we will be holding an Assembly this Friday afternoon. At this stage of the current Covid restrictions, parents can attend. We will however be shifting to alternate weeks for outside Assemblies, with every other week being a digital presentation that parents can also access. The content will be the same and we hope to have more student interaction and involvement with this change. ‘Well done’ Awards will be presented at the ‘live’ Assemblies. We have considered a number of factors in this temporary change including the weather, making better use of our weekly ‘community hour,’ allowing year levels to gather and participate in different time frames, giving students the opportunity to record a presentation if they were reluctant to stand or perform in front of a big live audience, giving the students more voice and agency in the production of the event, and to make it smoother and more time efficient. Once we have an indoor facility to hold Assemblies, we will review the decision again. 

I hope you have had a great start to the term, and for all the ocean lovers, let’s hope some winter swell arrives soon. For anyone involved in footy tipping competitions, I certainly hope you are faring better than me! Last round I scored a healthy 2 out of 9. 

Adrian Waters 


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