School News 16/06

I trust you all enjoyed the long weekend and made the most of the lovely weather. It’s hard to believe that we are almost half way through the year, and that Monday is officially the shortest day of the year. The mi.........

I trust you all enjoyed the long weekend and made the most of the lovely weather. It’s hard to believe that we are almost half way through the year, and that Monday is officially the shortest day of the year. The middle of the year also means it’s report time. Although we have had a few disruptions this term, we are still on track to have Semester One reports available late next week, which will give an overview of the topics and concepts covered, as well as progression points against the curriculum standards. Please speak to your child’s teacher if you have any difficulty understanding the report, or have any concerns about your child’s progress. 

Support and Intervention Programs – At Bellbrae we have a number of programs in place to assist students with their learning. Although all students learn differently, we use different criteria to assess students who require additional support. These groups of students are fluid, and change during the course of the year. In 2021 we have also been fortunate to provide additional assistance to children who were compromised by the significant time spent remote learning in 2020. Although it is not expected that DET funding will continue to next year for this initiative, we will still provide support to students with additional needs, through a new DET initiative focussing on Disability and Inclusion. I will keep the school community informed of what this program might look like, as soon as we receive more information and training from DET. The following staff are currently involved in our intervention programs: 

Mel Jackson – Early Years Literacy support and Intervention 

Mel Swan – Early Years Literacy Tutor 

Kerry Lomas – Grades Three-Six Numeracy Tutor and High Achievement Program 

Vanessa Gunn – Early Years Numeracy Support and Intervention 

Jess Swain – Engagement Tutor 

As the year progresses, Kerry Lomas will take on a leading role in transitioning the school from our existing model to align with the new DET initiative. Louise Kahle will continue to be the key contact and coordinator for the Program for Students with Disabilities (PSD), which currently falls under a separate set of criteria and associated funding. Parents of any students who participate in these programs will be contacted prior to their inclusion, and will also be required to give consent. Please feel free to contact either Louise or me if you would like more information. 

Covid update – Please remember that we are still trying to limit the number of people coming on site, and anyone who enters the campus needs to sign in via the QR Codes. This means that you should only attend Assembly if your child is receiving an award, or is making a special presentation. 

Uniforms – Although it is tempting to reach for your warmest coat, beanie or scarf at this time of the year, please encourage your kids to wear the correct uniform to school. We have a wide range of clothing available; including hoodies, beanies, ‘trackie dacs,’ leggings and jumpers, so please follow our broad uniform policy that still allows for personal taste and expression. 

School Wide Positive Behaviour (SWPB) – All of our behaviour management and student expectations are based on the SWPB model, which aligns with our values of ASPIRE, RESPECT, RESPONSIBILITY and RESILIENCE. Essentially this means that students are explicitly taught how to take ownership of their words and actions, learn how to act with kindness and care, and strive to achieve their goals whilst learning and growing. Next term we will be ‘launching’ our whole new SWPB across the school, where tokens will be awarded for acting in a manner that is consistent with our values. These tokens will be collected as a class and recognition will be given at Assembly as classes work towards their goal and reward. Thank you to our Wellbeing Team who have been working hard on trialling and implementing the program.  

School Council – Our next meeting will be in the Staff Room on Monday 21 June at 6pm.  

Enjoy the upcoming weekend and last week of term, and let’s hope the second half of the year is ‘lockdown free!’ Although we have been pretty lucky with restrictions down here, there are still plenty of local businesses that are being severely compromised, which impacts significantly on many families. We understand the additional stress that this might cause, so please reach out if you need some support. We have fantastic welfare staff who can help you and your kids through these difficult times. 

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